Failure to endure

Yesterday I never did get any work done. I had a list of roughly 12 tasks to do. I went shopping with my gift card form Christmas instead. But I won’t lose hope for today I completed four of these things off my list. I started with the easiest ones first and worked my way […]

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The one for me

If ever there was a perfect guy for me I wouldn’t know. I would either not like him or sabotage it. The list of the perfect man is so long no real human man would fit it. He would be; smart, wise, sane, a rock to my crazy river of life, good looking/charismatic, not care […]

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  I have noticed that in life, experience has built skills. Even though I lack in many skills I still aspire to achieve more than I have now. Some skills we take for granted and think everyone has learned them. Such skills are like that of reading, writing, and arithmetic. But I glimpse many skills not […]

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Do What You Love!

Every morning when you get up do what you love, and every night just before you go to bed.  I love to write and when I do that as my first and last thing the world seems like a better place. I get so wound up and writing it down makes it calmer. It’s like […]

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