my way

Hoarding came from not having stuff in the first place. Right here, right now I admit I hoard .I live in a house of hoarders. I don’t like this about me. I hate this. I feel constant denial. In my mind heads towards ideas that rid or change this fact.  I understand it is not […]

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No obscenities. Just the blank blog drawing a “you won’t remember what you were going to write,” spell on me. I swear all I did was have my coffee and do my computer daily email and website stuff. It was not as if I was on social media having I’m avoid life day. No, I […]



I have a mess known as my life. I have learned not to complain about it. I have learned not to blame others. I have learned to live healthier. But this mess appears over and over again. I fall behind and not get ahead. I visit old habit that result in the same mess. Not […]

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