It’s only when I became a mother that I relies that Mother’s day had nothing to do with mother’s but in fact had to do with the kids. Our love for them has brought us to be mother’s in the first place. Without them, who would need our attention? Where would we find that things […]

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I had a big part of this year where I spent way too much. I live with these consequences. In light of this I have decided to take new years as a measurable time to save money and work at earning wisely. There were so many regrets last year. I understand that I cannot go […]

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Happy Halloween!

I love Halloween! I miss my two eldest all the more. I wish they were here, or I was there. Their sister misses them to. Holidays to me are time for family. Family is where you came from. Family is where I come from.  Just as our decisions are what bring us to where we […]

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♥ Today we celebrate Love in all it’s glory. To me love it is so much more than that of a lover (since I currently don’t have one.). I have so many people that I love in my life. my children whom I love with all my heart  My friends who have been there for […]

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