Find your calm. Do something new every day. Drink clean water. The less you do the less you can. Meet anger, and fear with calm knowledge. It’s what you do about it, not what has happen to you. Sometimes it’s them, not you; other times it’s you, not them. Build better big moments by caring […]

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Schedule Your Time

I want to schedule time to take care of my body to get it into shape. Because age has schedule time every moment into the future. Exercise has a way of reversing the aging process. I can age with grace if I eat better and move more often. I like sculpted bodies. I would like […]

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Still Exhausted

I’m so tired for what feels like all the time. Energy, motivation, and getting stuff done still are difficult things for me. It seems to get easier when I follow my path, but then to stay going seems difficult. Last night I took migraine med. for my migraine, and I never noticed how much pain […]

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I believe in me. It’s not easy. It doesn’t feel as if others had ever believed in me. So now now I must do what I’m not familiar with. Confidence, trust, an consistency.  I must keep going with what i believe I should do and be even if it appears to be failing. I trust […]

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I have been trying to talk more natural to my kids. With more respect and less repression. I wonder what the world be like if we were treated like that growing up. How do we feel when we are treated like a living person and not less than. I hear baby talk or those one […]

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