I haven’t been working. I’ve been everything but. I work for others without a second thought. But I want to work for me. so I’ve decided to interview myself and take me more seriously.

First I must become the interviewer. What I’m I looking for? I believe I need someone self motivated, organized, and dependable. I need to be a problem solver. I need someone who can manage schedules, and multitask. Advertising and social media experience is important.

Of course as a interviewee I have to wonder if I possess these skills. I want to work for me more than anything but I don’t know if I belief in me enough. I feel as if I’ve only been motivated to work for others other than myself, that I don’t know if I can work for me. The biggest challenge for me to overcome is my depression. I wonder if I feel like I don’t deserve a better life. I have already overcome so much in life. I continue to strife towards gaining new skills. I have many good qualities I can bring to running my own business. I can seek out help for things that need to be done in which I am currently unable to do myself. I know I can do this if I keep striving. I won’t let failure define me or bind me to being unable to accomplish goals of my company.

conclusion: I will hire me for part-time as trial period to see how things are going.


One thought on “MY JOB INTERVIEW

  1. I’ve been attempting to work for myself lately as well, not that I dislike my current job, I just don’t want to do that forever, and I want to do what makes me happy; that appears to be writing. I’m not the biggest fan of social media but I respect its importance, and because of that I’ve started what I call a branding train by setting up a Twitter and Instagram.

    But all we can do is move forward with what makes us happy. Depression is a pain in the butt, but just remember that you are a person too and you deserve happiness. You are worth everything that you want in life. Don’t give up!


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