My Opportunity!

           Just over a week ago I was fired from my job.  This has never happened to me.  So It’s not what happens to me that is as important, as what I do now.  One of the items that I crossed off was asking people that I know, if their job […]

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6th Sense

People think psychic doesn’t exist. The way I see it is that it is just not accepted in study.  I want to encourage my kids to use all senses. I believe that the 6th sense is the internal one. The way we feel. I believe our subconscious. speakes in another language. I feel as if […]

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I want to be better!

Blogging is very popular now days. I love to write, but I understand that I can get better at writing. I’ve just read some of my blogs and I see some of the flaws. I apologies for not taking more time to write them and check them for simple mistakes. From my end I was […]

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