Progress towards purpose

I had sat down the other day with a clean sheet in my random notes notebook, and worked on a core product. Of all the things I want, and want to do, what mattered most to me? Which one struck a cord and clicked with bring all the others together? What was I going to […]

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I take a look around me and I notice a pattern. In more than one house of my circles and peers I see the same thing. A home that isn’t as nice. Attitudes that say we aren’t worth as much. Being consumed by our stuff rather than consuming. Low income powerless, and in a downward […]

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Simply Heaven On Earth

There are a lot of meaningful times I find true happiness here in life. But this week the one that makes life feel like an accomplished goal. Is; I found at home donuts. A normal reaction to something of this scale would not provoke interest of such. Yet on a deeply personal level I have […]

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