For the family

For the family. We work so that our family can eat. We work so that our family can have a nice warm place to sleep. We work so that our family can eat good food. We work extra so our family can do fun stuff. We knock our selves silly so our children can get […]

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Love Humans

Even though we have flaws, we have things that are good about us to. I’m not sure if it’s just something we do here in the states. Well we do have good guys and bad guys all over television. I’ve noticed that sometime when we meet someone new we love everything about them. But when […]

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If I Could……

If I could write at three in the morning well I was working at a shop I would. If I could win the lotto and stay home I would. If I could have energy to do all the things I wanted to do, I would. If I could be a better me, i would. If […]

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Life Mate

I’ve had boyfriends. I’ve had a girl I’ve been with. I’ve had fiances that I’ve married. I’ve had divorces. I’ve been crippled by starting over again, and again. My kinda crazy, yeah, we do that.  I’ve had children. A now we share this life. With the divorce let us not think of time we spend […]

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