Today was a good day!

I love the weather today. So I took my youngest for a walk and met new people. Got some stuff done. With my depression acting up lately getting anything done is great. I hate that it takes me 2 cups of coffee on my good days to do anything at all in my life. When all I do is go to my job instead of work for myself or do anything that benefits the lives of my family I get frustrated with myself. I have to accept these things and work with what I have. I’m looking for what motivates me. Why do I move more when I have to go to work vs. the days I have scheduled off.  This is not the type of person I am. I think I should work on those days off more often trying to work more from home. I very much enjoyed the time I took to be with my youngest I want to be the one that raises her. I feel like the time older kids spend at school that the teachers are raising them. It makes me sad. but this day as a whole was a good.


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