Import/export jobs

I don’t know why we are complaining about India, china, and twain taking all our jobs. I believe it is building relations with nations around the world. The problem that I see is that its a one way street. Our money goes to them and they are getting rich. What if we imported jobs from […]

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I’m in a good place. I’ve been doing well for a week. My guess is having Tax return come in might have something to do with it.I bought a new vehicle. Which I love, It makes a big difference to have these small securities in my life. Which leaves me wondering. Tax return only comes […]

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I’m different in so many ways that when I was growing up the other kids noticed. I understand that teasing is suppose to goad one into changing a bad habit. But it holds a lot of power to belittle a person into less of value than they were before. I remember being told “That (so […]



♥ Today we celebrate Love in all it’s glory. To me love it is so much more than that of a lover (since I currently don’t have one.). I have so many people that I love in my life. my children whom I love with all my heart  My friends who have been there for […]

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Why Not?

I am one of the super smart people that challenges everything I know. so, when a project came to light I wanted to do it my way despite all the instructions they said other wise. I wanted to save/experiment on a picture. Soup was spilled upon a picture. When I wiped off this picture it […]

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I have not posted in forever. Forever is a long time.  But have not stopped making lunches. I also made turkey sausage soup for my sick princess. She is only two and she had a fever. I made homemade soup just for her to feel better. I started with organic turkey broth. I added turkey […]

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