Where I Stand Today

I have found that I look back and wonder what have I accomplished? Truthfully, it feels like nothing. All I did was grow, maybe mentally, maybe emotionally, but I still live in my parents’ basement. I still have the stressful mess I feel like I started with. I never stop working toward better. My family […]

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Crockpot results

* A.D.D.: So why didn’t I post sooner? I have no idea. There was a snow storm. I fell asleep. I felt guilt associated with not taking pictures of my progress. But now there are results. The first batch turned out edible I……guess…… First crockpot recipe that I did went like this: Chicken broth onions […]

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Cooking This Year

    This year I want to save money and be healthier. I’ll take what I learned from last year and try to apply it to the next thing I do. We have all gone out to eat, some of us have regretted the money that we spent on it. Others have regretted the unhealthy […]

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Oh my, it has seemed that I’ve spent most of my day engrossed on my office chair in the depth of social media and binge of streaming videos. This occurred all well my teething infant slept. As soon as I’m aware that I have wasted time and need to accomplish something, (such as blogging.) The […]



I awoke around one a.m. and couldn’t fall asleep. A stimulate concoction of pregnancy hormones, medication, going to bed (rather than nap) at 5-6 pm, and my partner not being in bed. The joys of him switching to first shift, starting at four am. Crazy I know. There is not always bad in the face […]

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I have to be honest. I did nothing. but watched Netflix on the computer. I really need to get paid doing that. Bipolar has a lot of cons and pros. The intelligence is amazing. The learning curve surprises me even. But there is so much that doesn’t help. The emotional roller-coaster is debilitating. The off […]

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