This “RAISING THE LAST GENIE,”, will be the accounts of taking care of my now youngest. Who was born on Halloween. I will share her journey as well as parenting works. The need to know about raising a baby. Feel free to comment you questions or thoughts below. I would love to hear from you on any question about baby care. Share your own experiences with baby care.

So. Here we are. She is coming into her first illness. Sneezing, coughing, and congestion. She woke up just before four am. I used the suction bulb. and broke open the Tylenol for the first time in her life. I also made sure I gave her skin to skin time. this helps with several things. I want to stay extra hydrated for her when I feed her. I also made sure to contact her doctor. It’s important to record all the details. when this began. what symptoms, what kind of medicine, and how much at which time.

Her older sister is back at school after being ill herself. I didn’t want to wake My little Genie so I video called her Facebook messenger with mine as a monitor. I’m happy to report that it worked well we were at the end of our driveway waiting for the bus. It gave me sort of a prideful feeling that I was being clever, and didn’t need to have Nonon watch her. We saved money by not getting a monitor. The goal is to keep our finances manageable. The less we need to buy the better. I’m so lucky she is such a good baby. It makes it easier to get back into the swing of things well we carve out the newest routine. I have found that taking the perspective of our routine evolving rather than having a set idea, has made it easier to adapt to changes in our life.

Today’s advice is one many know and that is to prep as much as possible. An example is as I make her first formula bottle of the day, I will prep a day’s worth of bottles in the fridge. With my luck I will have my hands full when it needs to be done. The house of course became a wild nightmare of overgrown chores as the rest of the family was sick earlier this week.

It looks to me that she maybe waking early. I may have to use the saline on her nose. That is where you put a few drops in their nostrils well they are lying on their backs and then suction it out after just a min. I have her napping sitting up in her seat so that the congestion draws down so she can breath.

I’m off and away because being a mom to a sick baby is a busy thing.




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