I take a look around me and I notice a pattern. In more than one house of my circles and peers I see the same thing. A home that isn’t as nice. Attitudes that say we aren’t worth as much. Being consumed by our stuff rather than consuming. Low income powerless, and in a downward […]

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What is my business?

I want to run my own at home business. but I have so many, and I mean many ideas, of what I want to do that I still find it hard to focus on what kind of business I want. I want a Dojo, coffee house, selling up-cycling, Home EC. workshop, a Martha Stewart in […]

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What do I do Now

I started out strong as I often do. But then I got a few days into it where I felt sick. I fig I came down with the flu. But I think it was electric blanket. I guess I still don’t handle electronics well. They give me rashes and all else. I refuse to give […]

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