I have not given up!

I may have failed to live up to my own expectations. But I’m not giving up. There should be more to life than my last couple of weeks of sleeping/working. When I picture my life I see me spending happy time with my kids. We do activities together like baking, crafts, and gardening. I picture […]

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Are Witches good or bad?

My eldest daughter who in 2yrs after living in her grandfather’s house with her dad and brother tells me that witches are evil. well in the mist of a custody battle I kept my mouth shut. That was at her 9th birthday party. I will someday respond to this. I will tell her; “You decide if […]

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start with day 1

I am currently switching jobs. That whole 2week thing. Last night was my 1st real night of work at the new job, stocking. It had It’s ups and downs, but in truth I’m willing to work with those downs. I don’t know how I feel about getting out so late in the morning. I didn’t […]

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Merry meet all, I am one of the crazy people who is working to make my life better. I want to blog about my daily struggles and victories. I’m dealing with bipolar and A.D.D.  I understand that people have strong opinions. Which is good. But I am growing and learning and here when you leave […]

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