1. Find your calm.
  2. Do something new every day.
  3. Drink clean water.
  4. The less you do the less you can.
  5. Meet anger, and fear with calm knowledge.
  6. It’s what you do about it, not what has happen to you.
  7. Sometimes it’s them, not you; other times it’s you, not them.
  8. Build better big moments by caring for the smaller ones.
  9. Nothing complex exist without simpler smaller parts.
  10. If it’s hard or overwhelming divide and conquer.
  11. Stand up straight, it will change how you see things, and how you are seen.
  12. Identify them, and they.
  13. Add the word YET to the end of every sentence with the word can’t in it.
  14. Feel what you feel, know that you don’t have to act on it.
  15. Grow; for the the next big thing is coming.
  16. Make it easy because all the other things are hard.
  17. Care, so that others will learn to care with you.
  18. Care for those and that which cares for you.
  19. Care  mean to take care for someone or something so that it doesn’t get lost, dirty or broken.
  20. For all the past that you regret, know that you have from here and now to do right.
  21. Learn from the past, live in the present, prepare for the future.
  22. It’s not about learning useless stuff, it’s about using the stuff you learn.
  23. People don’t change, they grow, they learn how to do stuff differently.
  24. All things are possible, it’s the probability that I doubt.
  25. If you want people to like you, be the first of those people to do so. Figure out what you want them to like about you.
  26. Tell fear what to do, don’t let fear tell you what to do.
  27. To take away a behavior, take away the reason why.
  28. To fit in be the difference that you are. Have you ever tried to fit a puzzle together where all the pieces were the same?
  29. Trust, consistency, confidence, communication, faith, and love, will lead
  30.  Blame, hate, anger, resentment, pain, and lying will keep you from living.
  31. The first moment and last moment of you day do that which you truly love.

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