Depression is like you sleep or do some repeated activity that helps you escape your feelings. Well life is like, an older sibling that has a better toy simply because it’s in their hand. Such as, oh I wanted to go to that event but it’s already over and I’m no where near dressed or […]


No a week hasn’t gone by

All this time I’ve spent this week doing all this random stuff. I’ve visited a friend, and came home only to spent time on the computer. There was a point where I started starting ¬†cleaning. The success of that endeavor has yet to be seen it still looks like a mess. My Yule celebration was […]

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Wake up to freedom.

So I found this post I never published. I have 3 more to add. I’m guessing I was going to add more but didn’t. Here it is unfinished; Yesterday I got off of work in the morning and enjoyed the fact that I would not be going in last night. Today I wake up after […]

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