I have noticed that in life, experience has built skills. Even though I lack in many skills I still aspire to achieve more than I have now. Some skills we take for granted and think everyone has learned them. Such skills are like that of reading, writing, and arithmetic. But I glimpse many skills not everyone has. These skills maybe positive thinking, staying calm, coping with stress.

If we lack in the ability to do something in our lives it is because we lack skills, not because we are lacking as people. I work hard to have faith in people and myself. People don’t change but we can grow. Grow into better people.

There are many skills I want to try and learn; being organized, doing things right away, keep at things, being a better friend, better finances, and the list goes on.

If we worry more about our own skill building and less on the skills others lack we may learn to be more tolerant and better people to each others. We may rise up and better ourselves and our community around us. We may build a better today and tomorrow for our kids.


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