4.6 billion years

I am considering going as natural as I can. People have been on this planet for about 200,000 years. Even though we are very smart we lack experience compared to Mother Earth. She has been there done that way longer than we have. So I have decided to trust her more than man-made stuff. When […]

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My mind has been wondering everywhere but where it needs to be lately. At work I’m thinking about home. At home I’m thinking about my kids. It’s been driving me nuts. making it so that I feel as if time is escaping me. ¬†Where did the last 4 hours go? A why haven’t I gotten […]

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We are human and we can be trained. Just like we teach our children how to behave we can teach ourselves. I have started to use cues to start things that need done. Just like when we clock into work to start our work days I have started scheduling things. The things that I have […]

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