Lunch #5

Hot wings are delicious and I’m embarrassed eating them in front of anyone. I eat them with gusto. So much so that it ends up all over my face. There is no neat and tidy way to eat them they are just that good. I took the time to cook up rice noodles and stir-fry […]

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Lunch #4

Start with left overs. I know it doesn’t sound appetizing but when its chicken wings slathered in Sweet BBQ it does sound enticing. Still finishing of the spring mix with another salad. Still had a craving for potato soup, I heated up some that I bought on sale. Oddly not satisfying. The soup was not […]

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Lunch #3

Here we go, here we go. Off to another delicious ┬ámeal. I cooked up a double turkey burger with white cheese. I put on all the fixings. Spring mix. onions. mushrooms. mustard. mayo, and ketchup. White cheddar cheese puffs and a tangerine on the side. Very filling none the less. My youngest enjoyed eating it. […]

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Lunch #2

Soup was on sale, so I heated up some black bean soup with a side of blue corn chips. Spicing up my meal, and spicing up my day. It was simple yet my ability to fix lunches for more than one day in a row was a small miracle for me. It shouldn’t be, but […]

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lunch #1

I had a good lunch today. I made a grilled sandwich with spaghetti sauce and lunch meat. With a spring mix salad i added celery, onions, mushrooms,Parmesan, and tangerines. I enjoyed it. It was a light easy lunch. I planned ahead of time so I could get to the cooking right away. I believe that […]

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Being weird and unusual has left me unable to cope with normal. Normal or routine things that make people feel safe are not my forte. I lack the ability to be predictable. I understand it to be a curse and a blessing. I’m more likely to be creative and think outside the box with ease. […]

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I believe in unicorns and dragons. Do I believe in rainbow pooping, sparkling, flying unicorns? No, not really. But if you think about how many animals we have hunted to extinction. Or if we think about how they used to use every single part of an animal back then. It might explain why we haven’t […]