How does witchcraft work?

If I look at tv shows and movies, I should be able to wave my fingers and get what ever I want. Umm no. I watch a movie like “WHERE THE RED FERN GROWS”, and the young boy hopes and pray and prays real hard for dogs with no avail. till someone tells him that […]

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Here we are . 15 20 min later. Now I  need to  schedule  a folloew clean up tomorrow . Tomorrow I’ll  set the timer for 5 minutes . It should take less than that. Afterwards  I  can schedule a half hour  towards next cleaning project .

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If I  organize  stuff into sections  it becomes what looks like easier task. Papers in 1 pile stuff to another ro,m closer to the exit trash in another  pile.

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Overwhelmingly mess/stress

I have this huge mess to clean the more overwhelmed  i get the less i do. Thus a downward spiral of catastrophe . So if you want you may watch the process of trying to overcome this horder mess. The goal is not to spend more money than i alrady have. Here i will start […]

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