The one for me

If ever there was a perfect guy for me I wouldn’t know. I would either not like him or sabotage it. The list of the perfect man is so long no real human man would fit it.

He would be;




a rock to my crazy river of life,

good looking/charismatic,

not care what I look like on the outside(impossible),

someone who would do the right thing,

be great with kids,

value the ability to make money over how much he has,

love to rock out in my genre of music,

be good at what I’m not,

be bad at what I’m good at,

come from a loving family,

be a problem solver,

think beyond what is in front of him,

never lie to me,

be adventurous,

play hard,

work smarter,

be able to rest,


respect my views as I his,

be my equal,

love sci-fi

want me not need me,

be able to grow instead of change,

worthy of my trust,

be there for me,

some one that communicates well,

some one is fun to be with,

and lastly some one that I spark with.

Hence why I’m gay. This is of not intended to offend males. I know many great guys. Just not great for me. I understand that my demands are maybe too high. But I demand these things from myself as well. With the exception of being sane. I’m the crazy one.


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