The world better in one sentence

I stole this from the Radio show this morning. Thank you Free Beer and Hot Wings.

I shall lead by doing the better that I’m learning to be, so that you may follow.

TRANSLATION: I will learn to be a better me through reading and experience with others. Then I shall be the example of the better person I’ve learn to be. This inspires those around me.

EXPLANATION: Be the example of the better world you want to live in. I want the elders to be respected. i.e. opening doors for elders. Then I will be that change in the world and open those doors.

CAMPLAIN FEST:  Stop complaining about people don’t do this or that people should do this. In history this problem has existed about people acting not their best colors. Our forefathers took that opportunity to better the world themselves. to be the better they sought in this world. That is how we fought for equality and rights,and all the other privileges we now take for granted. those before me built a world for me to survive and flourish in. even if I was weak and disabled. I could make it.

PS: There is no point in blaming social media. The currant state in which we share all forms of info is a symptom not a cause. I say enjoy it well you can. Knowing how raising a ruckus results social media will be organized and heavily regulated somehow where we won’t be able to post or read whatever we want like there is now.


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