Cooking This Year

    This year I want to save money and be healthier. I’ll take what I learned from last year and try to apply it to the next thing I do. We have all gone out to eat, some of us have regretted the money that we spent on it. Others have regretted the unhealthy effects it had on our bodies. I eat out for many reasons. Raise your hand if any of these sound familiar; Not wanting to do dishes, not wanting to spend 10 hours straight in the kitchen. On the go and nowhere near the house. Way too tired with a newborn baby. 

So to try and get rid of the guilt and anxiety that comes with that. I’m going to try and do some crock pot dinners. To be healthier, I’m not going to worry about what I can’t eat, instead, I’m going to add healthier food to my junk food fetish. I like to cook up also.  Today I’m going to start with one thing in the crockpot, maybe a type of soup and keep adding to it during the week. We will see what happens.

Place your bets and let’s see what happens from here. I’ll catch you tomorrow and compare what I want to do, with what I end up doing. and discuss the pro and cons of the results. If you have recipe ideas or you tried it yourself and have results comment below. xoxoxoxoxo


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