Crockpot results

* A.D.D.: So why didn’t I post sooner? I have no idea. There was a snow storm. I fell asleep. I felt guilt associated with not taking pictures of my progress. But now there are results. The first batch turned out edible I……guess……

First crockpot recipe that I did went like this:

Chicken broth

onions (sliced)


black beans






-mix match of this and that -here and there-

`on high, till I remembered that it was on and that we had dinner.

The black beans turned the soup ( I use that term loosely) dark weirdly brown.

My family ate it. we didn’t die. You can judge for yourself whether or not you want to try this dish and if it will save you money.

Love you all xoxooxoxoxoxx comment below on your own versions. Till next I write.





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