Where I Stand Today

I have found that I look back and wonder what have I accomplished? Truthfully, it feels like nothing. All I did was grow, maybe mentally, maybe emotionally, but I still live in my parents’ basement. I still have the stressful mess I feel like I started with. I never stop working toward better. My family inspires me. I now have this understanding that changes my perspective of a lot of matters in our lives. A measure of self-improvement beckons me to not say negative or disrespectful connotations about others. Only to find that, in the past, it has been done to me, or even around me that it is something I have to be conscious of what I do. This only becomes easy with practice. I try to like something in order to make it easier and getting into if faster. a new lifestyle type of way. I try and relax and enjoy it so that the good of what I’m trying to accomplish emerges out of it, and I’m more likely to do such activity over and over until my way of doing tasks forms it natural synapse. today is day one of daily routine cleaning, for my kids and I.


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