If we villainize the people who appear in and out of our lives. We will never see the real predator among our species who devours our soul, if not our body, and mind. There are truly people out there who do beyond evil things. Those people who set out with intent to harm small children […]

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I cleaned yesterday

I left my littlest on the computer to play the popular Roblox and then Minecraft game. I pulled her away to feed her. I pulled her away so that she may accomplish her laundry. She is only four years old and is changing out-fits maybe twice a day. I’m okay with helping her so that […]

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I can’t without help

Cleaning an overwhelming mess without help is hard. I admit the days I get it done are the days I take a mini-thin. These energy/weight loss pill from the gas station help me a lot. I plan on stopping after the big part of the house is cleaned and my routine is established. I’m not […]

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Progress towards purpose

I had sat down the other day with a clean sheet in my random notes notebook, and worked on a core product. Of all the things I want, and want to do, what mattered most to me? Which one struck a cord and clicked with bring all the others together? What was I going to […]

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