Happy Halloween!

I love Halloween! I miss my two eldest all the more. I wish they were here, or I was there. Their sister misses them to. Holidays to me are time for family. Family is where you came from. Family is where I come from. ┬áJust as our decisions are what bring us to where we […]

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Taking control of me!

Some days are better than others, and the back of my mind screams why! I understand I’m bipolar. I understand I have had a somewhat traumatic childhood. What I couldn’t understand is why I have no control on my bad days. There have been people that told me about how they tell themselves to get […]

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Today was a good day!

I love the weather today. So I took my youngest for a walk and met new people. Got some stuff done. With my depression acting up lately getting anything done is great. I hate that it takes me 2 cups of coffee on my good days to do anything at all in my life. When […]

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