Celebrating the holidays with my kids is the light inside my life. We started with tea on the balcony.  I found it relaxing. My son enjoyed playing the guitar. I asked my daughter to research summer solstice since she couldn’t put down her phone. (teens) After that we did arts and crafts. we made a sun dial and melted crayon shavings in wax paper. I had them do works of art on paper so that I could oil it into a sun catcher. The house is now destroyed, lol, My oldest enjoyed events in the local library. It was a good day. I wanted to do a bonfire in the back yard but by the time it was for that, I was ready to fall asleep. I crashed so I postponed it till Friday.  All and all it felt good. Now I’m ready for the real work to begin. Sort of. Job hunting is no fun. Pus we need to clean also no fun. The hardest part is motivating the kids to do it with me. Blah. but the results are worth more than giving up. They are worth it. If it becomes their normal to clean regular then, they have gained a skill I don’t have. That is worth more.


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