If you shouldn’t argue in front of kids. Then you shouldn’t argue.  How do we show them how we settle our differences? Our disagreements? Our passionate views of right and wrong? what to do when we feel as if we have been wronged?  Where is the healthy anger that rages in who we are, and when we find it, how should we approach it? Don’t say things you can’t take back. But rather how you really feel. Money can cause problems, but working together brings you more money. Love is who we are, I won’t let a part of me die just so we can be happy. We must strive towards only the types of compromise that is true to both parties. Be honest, not cruel. If it feels better to raise your voice save it till you can sing your heart out. Or to the top of the mountain. Someplace it won’t hurt to scream and yell. If the other person walks away, let them. If you need to walk away, do so. It helps plants if you yell at them. they like the vibration.

Try to not let it build in the first place. Stay in touch. The more we communicate the less helpless we feel. Trust is earned. The more we have love for ourselves the more our love can grow for each other. The type of love where we want the other to be happy, and healthy and grow for themselves. The type of love that lets you grow a garden instead of picking the flower and forgetting them as soon as they die.


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