I waited till Wed. and got help to go through the first part of prepping my yard sale. I was scared I’d be a impatient dictator to my princess well she sorted I waited till there were some wonderful helpers. So when Wednesday came and help was here to help my Princess surprised me with deciding easily between keep and give away toys. In all that process took roughly two hour. I went and found her clothes that were to small. it was quickly done.

Thursday on the other hand no to smooth. For some reason I waited till later in the day to get stuff done. Too late really. I then tried to work late through the night. I took naps but I don’t think It helped.

Friday came I had nothing cleaned, priced, or ready to go. I found last years signs. I somehow managed to crawl out of bed before the sale start time. but atlas i was slow at getting stuff out in Friday’s cold and chili morning. I had someone stop but since I was still getting stuff laid out she said she would come back later. Vehicles slowed down but didn’t stop at my meager display of wares. I froze my puny little fingers. Sitting there in the less than 50°F I never made it past 9 am and called my life mate to come help me pull everything in and give up. And after he put all that help to set up. Modern life has spoiled me. I now need to post everything online and sell sell sell. I want money for the trip. I want to give my kids the best.


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