I have started over so many times and I’m sick of it. The wheels started turning. If I hate something I need to look at the view point. I hate starting over because some event has occurred in my life that has knocked my feet from under me and left me unprepared in an uncertain future, With no money and no certain way of getting more money to get the daily life needs met, I’m left wondering how to live. This happens more often then I’m proud of.

Let’s change our view on this. What if? I was the one in control of the start over? What if, I made a positive start? I want to move out of my parents basement. Ewwey. I’m striving for a castle. So I should strive for it.

I’ve held on to my stuff whether it is junk or not. I simply don’t know if we will be able to replace it. What if I can use my skills to acquire what we need as family when I need it? This concept blew my mind. I had to convince myself that everything is going to be okay. I had to believe in my ability to gain what I need. I have worth not based on the money I currently have, but I have worth in the skills to create income. We can build and re-purpose items that we need. That is a serendipity. The stuff I’m not willing to replace are books and pictures. That is understandable.

Now for the overwhelming part. Where do I begin? I have so much stuff… much…, so, so much stuff. *eyes wide and fearful* (wise inner voice) “Get a hold of yourself. Deep breath. You know how to divide and conqueror.”

Yes divide and conqueror. Start with a decision. That start with priority. What matters most to me? What time frame do I have? Who can I ask for help from?  How much can I handle?

Lets start with a yard sale. If we are going to purge, then we shall inherit from our labor and get comp. for personal loss over parting with our adoring trash, I mean, stuff. And ,well, we need the money for our upcoming trip. I’m good at last minute, let’s do this in 5 days. Sure why not? So much sarcasm in that. For my next trick, I er mean, blog, “HOW TO PUT UP A YARD SALE IN 5 DAYS.”. Wish me luck!


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