It’s only when I became a mother that I relies that Mother’s day had nothing to do with mother’s but in fact had to do with the kids. Our love for them has brought us to be mother’s in the first place. Without them, who would need our attention? Where would we find that things annoyed us only to relies that it only annoys us because we care. Who would push our limits only to discover we could go further simply because they deserve the best version of what we could become? We never stop trying for better, because the ones we love the most need it. It is why we get out of bed. I love my kids as simply as I breath. The love I have for them is so full, that it’s apart of every aspect of beyond my life.

We don’t have to pay attention to our breathing in order to do so. We don’t have to draw focus on seeing with our eyes in order to see. Tears naturally come rolling down our cheeks when we are overwhelmingly happy without us trying. This to is the way with how I love all my kids. I love them beyond measure. I am unable to stop loving them no matter what happens.

Quite frankly I never want to stop. I never want to stop that empty feeling when they are not there to hold. I never want to feeling of happiness to end when I share sacred moments with each of them. I fall asleep with pride that my kids did well making it through the day. When they are sad or hurt I feel real actual pain in my heart.

From the very moment that I heard my oldest cry her first cry, life itself stopped being mine alone. Now it is ours.

I understand that these very corny but very true words have there limits to being understood by others, until the very moment you become a mother. I can’t help but share another truth with you. That even though you are reading this you can’t see my face, know that I’m wiping the tears from my eyes as I write. My heart is full. My life has more meaning and it is because of the life I gave birth to.  I am truly grateful for this gift in my life called Motherhood. I’m grateful to you my kids. Your home will forever remain in my heart. Thank you! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo


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