Respect everyone like they are human beings. Respect living beings like they are stuff that stars are made of. Respect is about the person being respectful, not the person earning respect. If someone is shouting obscenities at you, be respectful of your self and the other person by telling them that you care too much for your self to listen to it, and that you will be available to listen to them when they have had a moment to calm and want to speak in a better behaved manner. That is self respect not to tolerate disrespect towards your self. And they will feel better when they talk and resolve the matter in a quicker way.

Treat others as you want to be treated is not the same as waiting to see how they treat you first. If you were having a bad day and lashed out would you want to be attacked back. Most times we then break down and confess that we are not normally this way. But on the flip side you wouldn’t you would loose respect for the person that completely folded under your anger. Give others a chance before you attack back.

Start with self respect, then move from there.


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