For some sleep is hard to do. I rarely have a problem getting to sleep. to help you or your kids sleep here is what you do. Start with a time. If you plan on sleeping at 10 p.m. make start at nine. turn off as many lights as you don’t need. With no distractions. Turn off the T.V. radios, and games. Then a snack a complex carbohydrate and/or protein. If you have diet issues try drinking a glass of water. Fill your tummy. Then clean up. I have heard that people sleep better in a clean room. Light cleaning works. Then clean you. A warm bath, and grooming or pampering. with a massage to help you relax. When you crawl into bed and lay in the dark, that’s when the thoughts come. you have no distractions. I then give my self permission to sleep. It’s okay to sleep. I sometimes write down my to-do list because that is when I remember what I forgot to do. I keep it next to my dream journal. That is when I tell myself that tomorrow is a new day and I will be able to get it then. If I start remember all the mistakes I made in my whole life I ask my subconscious,to work on my dreams so I know how I want to handle them in the future if the same kind of thing happens again. That is what it is for. Your subconscious handles all your information into things that make more sense. That is what the dream journal is for.

Now kids, on the other hand after they are all fed and bathed and ready for bed feel most alone. That is when there is no distractions from what they fear. We all fear being alone. We all fear no one is there or even knows if we are in trouble. I didn’t have too much trouble getting my oldest when she was ready into her own bed. The trouble was her Dad worked third shift at the time and I was foolish enough to watch crime shows, and see all the ways that bad things could happen well we were asleep. I wanted her to come sleep with me. At the time she didn’t want to. Ironic, huh? I had helped her own her space. That’s why she wanted it. We killed monsters during the day in our play time. So she knew how to handle them and make friends with them if she wanted. When she was younger I sold her on sleep being awesome. I used to tell her that tired feeling would go away is she slept. I told her how she got to do anything she wanted in her dreams. I made a whole pitch on how great it was and how all the animals and people all over the world slept, because it was such a great thing. It was never a,” I force you to do it because you have to.” It was, “if you get up you have to stay quiet and in your room.” kind of thing. I think when it became a choice that is when it was a favorable thing.

This may not solve all the reasons why you, or your kids don’t sleep but it may help some.


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