If we villainize the people who appear in and out of our lives. We will never see the real predator among our species who devours our soul, if not our body, and mind. There are truly people out there who do beyond evil things. Those people who set out with intent to harm small children or helpless people.

If we don’t like someone, maybe we shouldn’t talk bad about them. We should refrain from turning their friends and family against them. They may have value we don’t understand. They may have a skill set that we need later. That skill set may help improve some part of the world. We may end up liking them later on in life. Only after we find out they are not so bad, do we relies have done damage. Were as their friends and family have hurt them because we influenced them with our point of view. I still have a person in my children’s life that I hate beyond… but I do regret any one whom I have misspoken about in my past.

We have built a society where like and dislike can mean life and death. There are charters who if we don’t like we are happy to see harmed or killed in a movie or book. would we let someone die if we didn’t like someone? That maybe why we have a desperation to be liked by so many people whose opinion should not be valued about such matters.


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