I want to pour out my concious mind well it is trying to process the subconcious.  own the space. clean your space.  care for your space. make it mine. care for yourself in away that last forever and beyound. shopping list. coffee creamer. adventure. time and cue. break ideas and stuff down to rebuild. build on motive. the body wont work till the mind sends the message. the mind won’t bother to send the message if there is no reason. there is no reason if you don’t feel like it. so take your reason to do in the first place and build on it. ( i want to get in shape) work out, and eat right. why do i want to get in shape. (to look pretty)  looking pretty is an imatation of good health. why do i want good health? (to not be in a time where i can’t do because of my health. i don’t want to be trapped due to illness). healthy mind. think clearly and be in mind to see more of the big picture. seek out pattrens. seek out answers. seek out more questions. clear your mind and heart so when you do, it can improve and write a better than it was picture. find your path. when I walk my path I want to feel it . the more I walk my path the clearer i can see. the further i can see. we are a product of who, what, and where we are. we are a result of what came before us. as we are. we can create the why we move. why we do, or do not.  don’t let go of what’s inside so that we pacify others. build our differences so that we may come together to find our way to be of the same whole. we must fit the diffrence together. each life, not just man, must come to gether to create further in our universe. each small thing matters. we learn to build with better smaller peices. look at the way we breath. look at the way we treat our selves. look at the way that shows how we treat each other. no more good guys vs. bad guys. we are life. we all hold value. if he doesn’t hold value, then I don’t hold value. create communication. the more we communicate, the less we are frustrated. strive to understand. strive to be understood. the more children speak and are understood the less they cry. anger comes from fear. fear comes from not knowing. seek knowledge and wisdom. when you understand something seek to create more understanding of the same subject. create a 3-dimentional understanding. when you know something know it over and over, till you know more than 1 thing about it. understand more than a single viewpoint. i need food for the week, and meals. do now, and prep for later. so that when you don’t have time you don’t have to worry. how often do you run late. how often does that lead to bad stress. what is bad stress? it is when you are running from something. when is good stress. when you are striving towards something.


    So this is what I do when I get up sometimes. I write. I pour out every thought. It helps so that it doesn’t come out at times that are not appropriate. I would like to strive to go through it all and organize it into proper thought. But this is how it starts. just getting it down or out is important. I get out to do list and shopping list, and goals, and dreams, and serendipity, every eureka. I try and get it all out as fast as I can. I drop the spelling and grammar. Most times it doesn’t make sense. Afterwards I go through and work it all out. Doing this at the beginning of the day helps me from that hazy going in and out of it feeling the rest of the day. I believe it’s a lot of work. but it drives me out of my comfort zone. It’s the kind of work that is worth doing.


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