I cleaned yesterday

I left my littlest on the computer to play the popular Roblox and then Minecraft game. I pulled her away to feed her. I pulled her away so that she may accomplish her laundry. She is only four years old and is changing out-fits maybe twice a day. I’m okay with helping her so that she may do her own laundry herself. You should see her I’m “awesome and proud face.”

I wrote done everything in check list form. then drove myself to do it. I did the housework to avoid applying for government assistance. I quit my job. I’m failing at starting a business. How do I explain that? They are not the only ones that deem worthy for me to answer to. I’ve never seen my house this clean. I have so much farther to go. My kids have so much attention from me. I still can’t get over the fact that my little madchen wouldn’t go out to eat, and demanded a meal cooked at home. That sure gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. How do I explain on paper worth the value of quitting. There is the expectation of money.

I can’t afford to go further into debt then I am already, how do I explain that I’m studying at home on my own? How do I explain this to child support? My two oldest live with their dad during the school year.

How do I explain that I’m trying to prove and break down barriers between the financial categories? I’m not going to let poor define me as a lesser human being. I want to prove that my worth is not determined by my income. I want to show that we can thrive no matter what income. That we should value skills and knowledge over bank account numbers. Health shouldn’t be based on poor or rich. Life is entitled to clean water, good food, and safe clean homes.

What happen to the good cartoons like Scrooge McDuck in ,”Duck Tales,”? He taught me to work smarter not harder. Work efficiently so that when you work hard it doesn’t get all taken away or mean less than what you put in to it.

What do I mean? Well for example as a Mom I clean a room, not even five minuets later it looks worse than before, due to small adorable creatures from the underworld that I happen to have given birth to. Now that is frustrating to no end. But I can out smart this. If I put the work towards teaching the kids to clean up after themselves, the value multiplies. How? Simple, they learn something they can carry for the rest of their life. Plus they feel pride in their home. It’s their space to. Plus here I have now freed up time to work on cleaning other just as important things. Plus I have shared with them something, a type of bond that carries on in my life. Trust me they learn how to clean their mess there is still plenty for you to do. They haven’t just taken your work away from you.

I still have to do the things I rather forget about. I still need money. Child support still expects it. My two oldest deserve a good home. I need to make money. Money to me is a means not a goal. I need to make money but I want to make sure that I don’t lose focus on the whole point of making money. I’m doing the at home mom thing. I’m looking to make money on-line. Fun. (sarcasm)


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