Progress towards purpose

I had sat down the other day with a clean sheet in my random notes notebook, and worked on a core product. Of all the things I want, and want to do, what mattered most to me? Which one struck a cord and clicked with bring all the others together? What was I going to call my business? What was my core product or service?

I knew without a doubt that I have to save the world. I alone can’t do that. And I shouldn’t. But with all the problems everyone was having, and how the world is some gigantic mess I needed to bring purpose to myself. So I sat and thought. I tapped the pen on the page. I went over all the things I wanted so far. How do I put what I wanted into a category? I gave the possibility that what I wanted to do was not already on the market. The pan inside my plan to live a better life began to boil. So I stirred a little more with some more what ifs. What if what I wanted to sell wasn’t tangible? Ideas began to form.

It came to me. I want to help others help themselves. I wanted to sell a type of lifestyle. I wanted to sell a, live this way and make it your own. Now I need to work on it more. I want to help people. I want to sell it because we are so into consume that I believe that is the only way anyone would care to try towards growing, towards healing, towards finding their worth.

First order of business is to test my hypothesis to theory. I need to live this life. That gave me purpose. Having a reason to jump out of bed,or stay up late helps me move towards doing. purpose helps breath new air into my normal day to day tasks. I found passion. I found new surer footing on my path. I’m learning and researching, and doing. No more, “What now?” plateaus when I get going. I’m not a chicken with my head cut off trying to decide what I do next. I found a happiness that helps fill my day. I no longer am tortured by household chores. I left my job so that I can make where I live a home for my family. Now I’m aimed at not just a career but a business.


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