Getting overwhelmed In a Keepa Cool Head Manner

I couldn’t crawl out of bed on time. I scrolled along on my facebook page way to long. Now my youngest is awake and needs attention well I’m like whoa wait I need to get stuff done. All she wants to do is game. I understand it is easy to pacify her by letting her game well I do other stuff. If I do this then she will be sitting in the same place overwhelmed with not knowing how to get stuff done.

I took a notebook and drew squares like that of a board game, and at the bottom square I put her game. We then fill together all the things she needs to get done till she can get to her game. She was excited.

Nest I put down all the stuff down that I need to do on a separate notebook. If I didn’t procrastinate I wouldn’t have this much to do. I’d have a routine. So now that is my goal. To get as much done this week as possible so that I have a routine down by next Monday.


  • Fix breakfast for the family
  • Pack a work lunch for Lifemate
  • Make Dr. app. for my youngest and myself
  • Get insurance for us to go to Dr.
  • I am blogging.
  • Finish business plan
  • Care for kitty litter
  • Call HR dept. from one of my former jobs.
  • Do taxes
  • Pay bills
  • Clean, organize, and decorate laundry room
  • Clean, organize, and decorate my room/office
  • research, and study

All well I help my youngest with her day. Oh boy.

How do I do that? My plan is to prioritize my youngest. Having her work with me helps her and Me do stuff at a slower pace. I need to set time limits on my stuff. I need to keep moving.


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