I take a look around me and I notice a pattern. In more than one house of my circles and peers I see the same thing. A home that isn’t as nice. Attitudes that say we aren’t worth as much. Being consumed by our stuff rather than consuming. Low income powerless, and in a downward spiral that leaves us snuffed out at a single event. I’ve hit desprate too many times to count. I’ve seen my friends do the same. I refuse to hear them say there isn’t food, or health reasons, or can’t. We are not stupid.

There is a need in the culture of the poor to grow, heal, and change into better than we were. We need to grow our independence. We are living something worse than death. If there has been a plot to weed out the strong among the weak in the poor so that only the best of the best surpass, then what is left is still kicking. We are human. We are alive. And we are worth it.

From what I understand is that if we spend money in the society we get that money back. It pays those low wage workers paycheck. Eat at popular food joint,  your 20 yr old son,  Johnny makes money to pay for collage. and he can escape the house make lots of money and then help out his family. right? sounds legit.

But what if we become smart consumers. Where you and your family get yourself out of debt and off gov. asst. Johnny, sees this and form healthy spending and saving habits, well he works at fast food joint, where people who can afford to eat there, spend their money, and goes to collage and makes lots of money to help out those who need it.Those who are doing everything  they  truly can and still not enough.

I live in society. Each family and household are part of a living Eco-system. The better we do, the better our neighborhood and others do. The better our whole family does and it grows like a healthy immune system.

Among my friends and peers I’ve noticed we are stressed, overwhelmed, and whether or not educated we are not always knowledgeable. But we can grow. We can be better than we were before. I’ve noticed anger and hate. I’ve noticed division. Some times we don’t want what’s best for us because we need to learn to trust that better isn’t a trap.



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