What is my business?

I want to run my own at home business. but I have so many, and I mean many ideas, of what I want to do that I still find it hard to focus on what kind of business I want. I want a Dojo, coffee house, selling up-cycling, Home EC. workshop, a Martha Stewart in my own type of style, even though I don’t know what kind, kind of business, and I want to save the world doing it.

(Insert Sarcasm) no, nothing to big. I’ve been informed by close friends who are honest because they care, say it can’t be done my way. I believe that the way society is now, that is no doubt true. So my thinking is why not change society. Sure sounds easy enough.That’s me that hear laughing one of those over whelmed laughs.

I understand I need focus and to keep it simple so I can build on it with a simple, and strong foundation. I need to learn. I need to learn a lot. I need to learn a lot, and fast.

So how do I do that. no clue. but I won’t give up. I now have the time. Now I need the drive. Here you are more than welcome to comment with any and all opinions, facts, Ideas, and all together smorgasbord of stuff. I welcome it all.


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