Where are we in the Universe?

So much of my life I’ve noticed what I was doing wrong. Everything. So now I really look at it and relies that what I do, say, think, or feel is a result of what has already happened. Where I’m from, What my parents and great inner circle influences. My DNA markers. How someone else handled the same situation before me. It doesn’t stop. There is a whole slew of grand designs that each of us are sitting together in. And they are all interacting with each of them. So far some of the things that I had feared already came true for me. Such as when I started driving, I flipped the vehicle I was driving. I lived. I disciplined myself to relax through it, and so the only broken bone was a missing tooth.

We keep moving through our life no matter how hard I try to pause or persevere it. Mother earth still continues to change the seasons. We keep growing. In that I have learned that everything will turn out. Everything is as it was designed to be. I can change it well it is changing me. But the direction that it changes moves towards what it will be. what we should be. How I interact with it gives me my power. To myself. This is where my ability to convey my point gets abstracted.

In the end no matter what I do, or say, or think, or feel, it is what I should be doing, and I need to follow it. I need to learn about my path so I can see it more clearly. I need to grow stronger so that I can move about my path more easily. I need grow healthier so that I can follow my path longer. It’s mine and we share it together.

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