today happened well I slept

I worked last night. When I came home I fixed breakfast and lunch and tried to figure out how to problem solve how to get back and forth to work on one vehicle. I work third and life-mate works second. Today I went to bed well my Uncle was kind enough to take my SUV to give my house mate a ride to work, and back home. It’s a forty five min. drive one way. then I slept 8 hours. The sad part of that is it only gives me two hours till I have to get ready for work. How do other accomplish anything in that time. Every business is closed that I need to use.  How is there time to cook a dinner that is will keep us healthy. How do I clean a built up mess that keeps piling up? And here. I spent soo much time on social media i. e. facebook that I took all the time I needed to be something worth reading on here. oh well back to the grindstone. (happy dance on the flip side.) I only have 3 more days of work.


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