I want to sleep/stay up and do stuff

I want to stay up and do it all. At the same time as sleep for the day so that I may work tonight. I wouldn’t have this issue if it weren’t for the fact that in less than a week I get three weeks off of work.

The company through which I’m currently employed is involved in moving to a new plant location. On top of that I have decided that I no longer want to work………………..Okay I no longer want to work outside the home.I have a life-mate that will still be working. He says he can cover most of the bills. I need to find away to bring in income.

Plan A, is to find internet work. Plus I plan on selling any junk, I mean, special stuff that someone might be interested in buying. My goal is to have a lean inventory of things that we use. A sort of liquidation of our belongings.

Crazy is, as crazy does. I understand that my saving will not stand up to not having income. So this means a new lifestyle change. *sniff, sniff* *pouts puppy dog face**whispers* “Coffee”.

Most beautifully done blog pages are filled with wonderfully organized how I already did it stories of stay at home moms. But my page has turned a new chapter in my life as I invite you to see the hits and misses of my at home adventures. I have 4 more days of work till freedom then I’m off for three weeks. completed by 2 weeks notice after the move.

Time and time again I hear people comment on how there is a thin line between genius  and madness. we are going to use it like a jump rope.  MAW HAHAHAHAHAHAH!


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