Coffee: check

Glasses: check

Computer: check

Morning pastry of some sort: check

All ready to start my day. Sure it took over three hours to get to this point. But we won’t count the time spent engaged in Facebook. I have no idea what adventures await us. But I’m ready to get ready.

You know, get dressed, spend a few more hours making breakfast. All to the point that I’m ready for lunch.  Thus the whole day is spent on menial everyday to day task and nothing is accomplished outside of this realm………… Which frustrates me to no end. I hold my standards of myself up very high.

I have goals I want to accomplish. Like be a High Priestess, practice alternative medicine, own/build a castle for my family to live in, and be a Ninja. You may laugh even though all these things exist. The question is how do I get from here to there?

I dream a lot. I even sleep more than I’m awake. I need to adjust my health. Why do Sleep so much in the first place?

I’m off to do stuff with my day. wish me luck.


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