Love Humans

Even though we have flaws, we have things that are good about us to. I’m not sure if it’s just something we do here in the states. Well we do have good guys and bad guys all over television. I’ve noticed that sometime when we meet someone new we love everything about them. But when the new shiny wears off we find their flaws. If we don’t like someone we hate everything about them. They can do nothing good.

I have witnessed two people do the same thing but a boss only praising one and yelling at the other. At first I thought it was just something crazy people do. But then I noticed it more and more.

To be fair I’ve seen grown adults mention that just because the don’t like so, and so doesn’t mean that they aren’t so bad. These people out there are people I look up to. These people are my inspiration to be better.

I want to love humans no matter if I like them or not. People make up society around me. In this society we can grow and learn to be better. We can even grow to like someone we didn’t like before.


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