Life Mate

I’ve had boyfriends. I’ve had a girl I’ve been with. I’ve had fiances that I’ve married. I’ve had divorces. I’ve been crippled by starting over again, and again. My kinda crazy, yeah, we do that.  I’ve had children. A now we share this life. With the divorce let us not think of time we spend together as part-time parenting. We are still family, but now our family has become grouped into interlocking circles. And this family extends towards bigger brighter loving families.

Our family now has my life mate and I with our my youngest being in the house always. our older children come and go in the house more than I’d like. But my goal is to be the home they can always come home to.

We are starting over this time to build a life worth living forever. Our life will live on through our family. May it be blood or bond. That means more to us than marriage. We have learned Marriage can come and go but life is forever.

In this bond of life, no matter the relationships we take, or who we are with we shall remain together forever. If we fight there is an allowance of a year of seperation to gain new footing. if things can’t be resolved we bring in outside help.

Economicly this is the best way for us to survive. With my disablity it is best I have a support for my ups and downs. Some one who is familiar with my condition, and the things we have been through. We have something that will last a lifetime.



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