All the Way Up, All the Way Down

Equivalent exchange is where you can’t get something out of order to have energy, I must first give something to get some. We get energy from the food we eat, exercise, and sleep. In proper portions we can gain so much energy. I’ve gained perspective on the types of food. I have a type of live style where I don’t need too many carbs. I’m not an Olympic athlete.

My energy level goes down for as far as it goes up when I drink an energy drink. That leaves me so drained that I can barely do my day to day routine. I then drink another to combat the feeling. Thus becoming dependent upon them. I know they cause the fatigue in the first place. I refuse to live on a crutch in life. But I can’t see how to get off it.If I don’t have the energy at work to pull the required amount of work, my boss is not happy to say the least.  If my work suffers I can lose my job.

I know better about my health. I need exercise and healthy eating.But in experience I have found that a practice of doing something far exceeds that of knowing about it. I can read all the health books and science articles I want. But I’m more inclined to do what I have done. I’m faster at doing what I’ve practiced. I’ve been stressed and went to a already made snack or restaurant.

Planning ahead needs to become my norm. and that means that certain occasion aren’t excuses or I’ll never unchain these reaction from my family’s life.

Due to all this I overslept. I guess sleeping for nearly 22 hours is my wake up call. waking up with a headache and eweie  can leave an impression on me.

How long can I go with out energy drinks………. wish me luck. 🙂


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