Simply Heaven On Earth

There are a lot of meaningful times I find true happiness here in life. But this week the one that makes life feel like an accomplished goal. Is; I found at home donuts. A normal reaction to something of this scale would not provoke interest of such. Yet on a deeply personal level I have found my obsession has come full circle. ¬†Donuts are my weakness. I must have spent in a nickle and dime method, enough money to buy bakery stocks. I would go out and buy one when I wanted one. But yesterday I really wanted a donut. but new tight wad budget said I couldn’t. So my partner and I scrounged the make one. Long story short, we used pancake batter and fried it up. I had vanilla cake frosting that needed used up. After we melted frosting on top, heaven came in a form of bliss. I felt proud of not wasting gas to drive to grab something that would be gone in an instant. donuts come and go but the skill to make something is forever.


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