my way

Hoarding came from not having stuff in the first place. Right here, right now I admit I hoard .I live in a house of hoarders. I don’t like this about me. I hate this. I feel constant denial. In my mind heads towards ideas that rid or change this fact.  I understand it is not so bad that I can’t move freely. I can escape if there is a fire.There is no fecal matter or waste in the house.there is no known moldy food in the house. We now have a dehumidifier to help with the mildew problem that I feared would cost too much in electric bills.

I don’t want it to ever get that bad. so I want to attack it well it is small enough not cause health issues.

small…hem uckem….. (cough cough) sure, small, sure we can say small.. (sarcasm) (overwhelming oogoogle)

so in my beautiful brilliant mind, I’ve mapped out a easier method to this madness. Simple enough: just slap a date and project name to problem areas and type additionally this into my outlook calendar. well that’s easy almost too good to be true. I want to do it my way so that I’m comfortable with getting rid of this stuff in a healthy fashion. my thoughts are that if I just chuck stuff instead of organize it and put it where it goes. that I may have guilt with it and if it ever happens again I’ll be likely to not work on it because of chucking it in the first place. It has to go properly. in it’s place. recycle. crafts. trash in the trash. reusebles in their designated spots.

So from you guys, my lovely reader. Let’s have a vote of hands. Go ahead and please comment on if you think this will work.


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